sobota, 14 sierpnia 2010

Girls and the City


models: Testinova and Polly
Testinova: band - India Shop, Toruń, earrings - Pralnia, T-shirt Les Miserables - vintage, belt - TK Maxx, shorts - New Look
Polly: I have no idea where she's bought that stuff and forgot to ask her

Ice-cream bought at Lenkiewicz's, I'm eating pistachio ice-cream, my favorite, and Polly chose banana/cherry + cookies. Speaking honestly, we had lots of fun during shooting as Polly is one of my closest friends. So taking pictires was more fun and chatting than hard work. But, c'mon, it is supposed to be Fashion Dress Party not Fashion Dress Torture! ;-)

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wtorek, 10 sierpnia 2010

Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting

Adding one more picture from the last shooting as I got the colourful version of the photos. The only song that comes to my mind when I look at this is "Waiting for the sun" The Doors
By the way - is there anybody out there who knows how to import pictures to blogspot without losing their quality?

Pomocy! Czy ktoś wie, jak importowac zdjęcia do blogspota bez tracenia ich jakości? Bez względu na to, czy wrzucam zdjęcie, które ma 400 KB, czy 2 MB, wszytkie wyglądają równie słabo jakościowo, kiedy wybieram "bardzo duży" lub "duży".

poniedziałek, 9 sierpnia 2010

Une petite tasse d'anxiete


Thank you, Adrian, for taking the pictures. Their quality is not perfect, but it was our debut in black and white white photography. Not very fortunate as we broke a camera during the shooting @_@ And it was my sister's camera, so there's un petite tasse d'anxiete that she'll kill me when she founds out.

pants - Orsay, shirt - vintage, shoes - I don't remember where I bought them, earrings - got them from my grandma, bracelets - Reserved, bag and belt - TK Maxx (I don't know what brand they are)

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The end of fashion?

(Prada FW2010)

There’s no such thing as fashion nowadays. According to “Webster’s Universal Dictionary and Thesaurus”, the definition of fashion says that the fashion is “the current style of dress, conduct, speech, etc; the manner or form of appearance or action”. But what the current style of dress is? Is it the style that American “Vogue” shows us every month or what the French present twice a year during fashion weeks? Or what two girls in London put on going out Saturday night? Is everything in? If so, why can we still talk about any one certain fashion? The modern fashion seems to be disfashion, harmony of look and style seems to be disharmony. There are only fashions, one here, one there, changing faster than in the blink of an eye.

But thinking about fashion as a phenomenon, I come to the conclusion that the fashion itself still exists and only the definition is obsolete. The fashion now is one big fancy dress party. Our outfits are our costumes that we wear to show our personality, character and taste. The fashion is the area of life where visual arts, literature, music, theatre, cinema, culture, history and individialism influences each other, mix with each other and create a new quality.

The fashion today is all about creation. Not following any specific rules. And almost everything you wear deliberately and fully consciously is in. But almost makes a difference. This is how I see it.