piątek, 22 października 2010

Why won't you stay on a desert, huh?


(Chloe, Prada, Burberry RTW FW 2010)

Well do I remember the day when I opened my brand new "Elle" to get familiar with the trends for the following season and I immediately fall in love with camel. I was sick to death with all these winter gloomy colors and found such a warm, pretty color a wonderful alternative. 

About a week after this event I had a chat with Polly about RTW 2010 over "Elle" September and her only reaction was: "Bleh! It's awful, this color looks like shit! I have no bloody idea how come the bunch of sadistic designers signed a pact of making all the fashionistas wear clothes in this terrible dog's poop color!" I replied she was being silly as I believed that the last Chloe collection was fabulous and so was camel.

I started to doubt in it's fabulousness when I saw one of my acquaintances, who is an international booker and definitely an it-girl wearing an oversize camel pullover. She is absolutely gorgeous and her beauty is breathtaking (I'm not exaggerating, she really is one of the prettiest people I've seen and I've seen many working as a model), but I have to be honest - she looked only a little bit prettier than a usual girl (meaning - bad. BAD).

But still I wanted to give camel a chance and so I went to my favorite second-hand shop in search for a camel V-necked sweater. I don't like spending much on one-season hits, so I was delighted to find a camel lamb wool  Gap sweater for less than half an average novel in an average bookshop. I went to try it and became standing on the verge of a nervous breakdown in the fitting-room. I'm light red/golden blond and pale, so I reckoned I would look as great in camel as in ivory/nude/warm yellow/light brown. But the view in the mirror shattered all my hopes. I closed my eyes and kept my eyelids down until I took off the sweater and put it far away from me. To say the least - I looked shitty. Or so did the sweater.
Now I have to ask if you have any personal experience with this color and if you still believe it can look splendid outside of a catwalk. I really doubt. And I really wonder why can't we wear something simply pretty. Oh, Tom Ford, why won't you come back and make women look sexy and glamorous again?! Thanks god Dolce&Gabbana stay in fashion industry, if they decided to, for example, start designing only furniture, my probable nervous breakdown caused by myself in camel would become extremely real.
Frankly, I do think that camel should stay on a camel and wander on his back through a desert. So, tell my, camel, why won't you get back to Sahara, huh?

poniedziałek, 18 października 2010

little dream

picture: Polly, make-up, styling, model: Testinova
I'm wearing Orsay blazer, Zara Kids dress and Polly's mother's pearls plus Polly's bracelets.
I'm in a very dreamy mood, so I'm pasting here my own tribute to such a dreamy designer as Chloe and a dreamy song, although I was inspired also by:

I believe it was one of the best Dior shows ever

I don't know why but there's something so much Pollyanna in this picture