wtorek, 14 września 2010


photo: Le Thuy Duong
make-up: Marianna Jurkiewicz
model: C'e moi, Testinova!

Fine. I know I've been silent for a while, but the school year has begun. Meaning - no more fun. Study, girl, study! Read your Marcus Aurelius! Study, study, don't get ... maddy?

no, this lipstick wasn't used during the shooting, but I can't help pasting it's ad here as I completely love the lipstick ( the colour's amazing!), although I'd never wear it 

 Alright. I know that this guy is not the person I should claim to be inspired by right now, but I just love Terry's work no matter what weird things he does and how controversial he is. Testinova locuta, causa finita.