czwartek, 4 listopada 2010

Blow up!

Hi, there! All I am doing now is watching movies (I've finished my papers for this philosophical thing, but now I have to write like 15-20 pages for the next competition - in literature and culture this time. The topic is interesting as I'm writing about the development of the motive of the creator of new Man in culture on the examples of Pygmalion and dr Frankenstein and the reinterpretation of these two attitudes to the act of creation in modern culture. This is why I'm watching and watching again both "My Fair Lady", which is great in my opinion, and such crap as "Van Helsing"), so when I thought about adding a new note to the blog, the first thing that came to my ming was... a movie. Meaning - "Blow-Up" by Antonioni. I've seen it years ago and I don't consider it my favorite movie, but I'm kinda still under impression of the mastery of pictures. The film is in my opinion visually marvelous, mystic, attractive and intriguing. And the actresses, they are so beautiful! The whole atmosphere is great. By the way - I believe it was the novel "Kensington Gardens" where I read that the backstage of "Blow-Up" was the most fabulous party in London in the sixties. Everybody wanted to be there. If you were super it-girl or one of the most wanted bachelors in those times, you must have been invited to star or work on the production of "Blow-Up".