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Prada SS 2011: Hello Startrek my old friend!

I have to paste here a few pictures from the show, I just can't help as I loved it, it's so futuristic and practical in the same time. Awww, Miuccia, you're a genious. Okay, now I'm being too enthusiastic. Honestly, I didn't like at all what she designed for the last few seasons (the last collection I did like was... FW 2007 or something), but this one really meets my view at fashion.
Ad rem!
The girl who has opened the show is Arizona Muse from Next, whom I find one of the most interesting newcomers as her face is so vivid face, she can look very androginic, sexy or charming. See her pics at the Next website, you'll get why I think so.

I couldn't wait to see this kind of blue on a catwalk, it's so modern and refreshing.

 What I like the most in art is the colour. Due to my sight defect I could never see many details, but the strong, simple form and intensive colour have always been the features I first look at and judge. And here we have both form and colour.
I'm not a fan of prints, but here they play their role perfectly as they emphasise the modern character of the looks. And the blue monkeys are hilarious, I just love them as they transform the stiff outfit into something not so obvious and even funny to wear.

PS. I completely forgot that there was new Polish accent at the show - Zuzanna Bijoch (in the picture underneath). The appearence of Jac was easy to expect, but to see Zuzanna walking at the runway was a great and very nice surprise.

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  3. Thx for showing me this wonderful collection! I have fallen in love, thanks to you ;). Although I'm not a great fan of blue, I do think that this shade is - as you said - awesome :).

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