sobota, 2 października 2010

the roof is on fire

 photos: Polly
make-up: Beata Czapla
styling: Testinova
model:  Testinova
clothes: Polly's mother's fake fur (I wouldn't wear a real one as I'm a vegetarian, not a vegetarian hypocrite), shoes - H&M, hairband - Polly's mother's pearls, dress - Zara Kids

Hi, people! It's freaking cold here now, c'mon, it's not an early October, but late November outside. That's why we were shooting in furs. We almost froze to death, though. We wanted to create very elegant look, nut not too posh, modern and charming, I'd call it a modest glamour. I'm pasting only a few pics here as the others are in completely different style, but also nice. It seems that Polly has developed the nature of David Sims in herself as even my model agency liked the photos and soon I'm going to have them in my book! Polly, move to NY and become the next Annie Leibovitz! ;-)


(yes, I am still mournig after the end of "Sex and the City" as I have really tough period at school and no entertaining escape from my darling Marcus Aurelius, Seneka, Epictetus and loads of tests and quizes)

Chanel FW 2010 RTW, the Yeti collection (the make-ups are so modern and full of courage!)

Chloe FW 2010 RTW (what I love the most about this collections are its colours - they are so calm and delicate, almost semi-transparent, they smoothly emphasise the natural beauty of the person who wears them)

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